Easy Storage Launches Body Camera with Face Recognition

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Easy Storage Launches Body Camera with Face Recognition
In the artificial intelligence industry, face recognition technology is one of the most widely used technologies. Face recognition technology is a kind of biometric recognition technology based on human facial feature information. The face recognition technology combined with the existing monitoring technology of body camera products has many advantages such as rapidity, simplicity, accuracy and high intelligence. At present, body cameras have been widely used in various law enforcement agencies, especially for police use. The use of face recognition technology in body cameras can greatly assist in the investigation of criminal suspects and increase detection efficiency and detection rate.

Body camera automatic face recognition, front-end smart comparison, automatically update photos

Recently, Easy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. has launched a body camera with face recognition function. This body camera can capture faces in the video during the video recording of body cameras and extract facial feature values. , And with the face comparison of the body cameras in the memory card (such as wanted criminals, fugitives face) , automatic alarm sound prompts and vibration alerts. All of the above identification and comparison steps are done independently by the body camera itself, without the aid of online assistance calculations. On-site law enforcement personnel wear a body camera with face recognition technology, which can continuously search for photos stored in the body camera during the on-duty process. Once matching matches are found successfully, alarms can be promptly alerted to on-site law enforcement officers.
The facial image data in the memory card of the body camera can be automatically updated by the body camera collection station. Law enforcement officers can insert the body camera into the collection port of the body camera collection station after work. The collection station can update the face image data on the body camera memory card at the same time as the charging and backing up data. In this way, the latest criminal photo information can be immediately updated to the body camera memory card, on-site police officers can promptly identify images of the latest suspects in the crowd.

Remotely update photos through 4G network and send alarm when matching

If you use the body camera with 4G communication function, you can not only update the face image data through the body camera collection station, but also use the 4G communication network to remotely update the body camera on the spot. This feature is very useful for responding to some emergencies. For example, if an unexpected event is encountered and all on-site law enforcement personnel need to be notified to search for certain criminal suspects, the suspect’s photos may be issued to all body cameras with 4G communication capabilities at the control center. Body cameras automatically start identifying and comparing photos, so that they can quickly and effectively search for suspects. Once there is a person who has successfully identified and matched, the body camera can not only prompt the on-site law enforcement personnel through sound and vibration, but also report it to the control center through the 4G network. The command personnel of the control center can quickly and effectively send command and control the site.

Application for police, customs officer

The facial recognition and comparison function of the Easy Storage’s body camera can be effectively applied in various application scenarios. The most typical application is for police use. First of all, Multiple photos that need to be searched, such as photos of wanted criminals are stored in body camera. During the police’s duty, they can use the body cameras to identify faces in front of the crowd. Once they found similar personnel stored in law enforcement Photo , body camera will immediately send a sound and vibration alarm, alert police officers to take response action. A policeman on a train wears a body camera to conduct inspections on personnel on the train and can automatically search for and lock in suspects. In the same way, when the customs officers check the transit personnel, they can also use the face recognition function of the body camera to lock the smugglers or other criminal suspects and improve the efficiency and accuracy of the investigation.
By using the facial recognition function of the Easy Storage’s body camera, it is equivalent to adding a pair of eyes to each law enforcement officer who never rests, and tirelessly search for suspects. Law enforcement officers at roads, stations, traffic arteries, trains, customs and other places can weave a network by wearing Easy Storage’s body camera with face recognition function, so that suspects are nowhere to hide.

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